Funcom Finally Reveals their Dune Game

Funcom has revealed their upcoming Dune game after all these years!

It was no secret that Funcom was working on an open world Dune game after the success of Conan Exiles (which is the best survival game, in my humble opinion). We’ve known about it for years, they’ve even told us that it was happening, but that was years ago. Every major gaming event went by with no new news on the game until Gamescon 2022, where they showed a cinematic trailer for Dune Awakening.

The game is dubbed as an Open World Survival MMO that will combine survival elements with the high social elements of MMOs.

This is quite an interesting take and I’m keen to see how they implement this. Does this mean we can trade in a player based economy much like other MMOs?

The world of Dune is very political, so this idea of making it more akin to an MMO makes sense, but can Funcom pull it off? Amazon’s New World tries something similar, and it didn’t go so well for them. So we will have to tread carefully when this game comes closer to release.


While the cinematic trailer doesn’t show all that much of gameplay, it retains the aesthetic of the latest movie which is quite cool and is a smart choice given how that movie has now spawned a franchise with a follow up under way.

It’s good that Funcom is spreading out a bit in a new franchise though I am hoping for more Conan games from them and even a Solomon Kane game, I think if they can take what works for Conan Exiles and expand on that for Dune then the next Conan game will be even better. I really do like Conan.


So this is a new endeavour for Funcom and I am looking forward to seeing more of this game as time presses on.