Dead Island 2 has been Resurrected

Dead Island 2 has risen from the grave! So go get the baseball bats!

Eight years people! It has been eight very long years since Dead Island 2 was announced and then vanished, left to rot away. This game was in limbo for so long, and I honestly lost hope. I revisited a cool cinematic trailer that came out ages ago a few times, just longing for what this game would have been. After Publishers Deep Silver had a falling out with the original Devs, YAGER (Spec Ops: The Line) the game went dead. A few weeks ago, an Amazon listing appeared for but a moment and then it was deleted. Then, at Gamescon, the game was officially revealed with a new developer. Dambuster Studios (Homeland The Revolution) have taken the mantle.

The game is still taking place in Los Angeles (which is weird since California is not an Island).

The Zombie killing looks awesome and the gore is amazing. I’ve been playing the original on PC lately and I forgot how gory and fun this game is, the new one looks even better. The graphics look insane and the world looks vibrant and fun to explore. The characters in the gameplay trailer look interesting and I think that players (myself included) are in for a treat. I can’t believe Dead Island is coming back after all these years.

The co-op mayhem was the main draw of the older games and I can’t wait to jump back into the carnage.


Dead Island 2 looks to be a lot of fun though I am a tad sceptical, as the release date is 3 February 2023 and that sounds way too good to be true. I hope I’m wrong, but I expect this game to be delayed because it just came out of nowhere and then gets a release date that is not too far away in the future.


Either way, it is coming so get ready to slay some zambies!