What is Gladio and Glory?

Want some silly, violent fun? Check this game out!

After binging Spartacus, I was looking for a proper gladiator game. But alas, I did not find one. Instead, I found a crazy little physics-based gladiator game with extreme gore and ridiculous animations. The game is free on Steam and is being made by one person.

So, I went into it with zero expectations and I have to say, it is fun. Though, it is very taxing on the framerates when things get hectic.


The game is quite simple. You fight through waves of enemies in the area. On the fifth wave, you hit a checkpoint. Though, the game spices things up as you go. Sometimes, you have to fight some big guy alongside an AI partner; other times, an animal. I’ve even seen elephants!

The game’s rag doll physics makes it a hilarious cocktail of chaos and blood. I’ve lost an arm and still managed to fight to victory. I’ve seen enemies crawling and crying because they got wrecked. I’ve thrown some poor sod into a pit of spikes and I’ve chopped so many limbs off, they should call me Ash Williams!

But the more chaos there is in the area, the more the framerate dips. The game is not much to look at graphically but the rag doll physics are quite intense. Large amounts of people being thrown around becomes too much for the game to handle. At some points, the frame drops so bad it feels like the game is in slow motion. But once the bodies start piling up the frames start coming back to normal.

Gladio and Glory 2

The game is being made by one person. So, it is understandable. The dev has been quiet for some time, so I hope the game isn’t dead. I’d love to see more added in future.

If you want something silly, then look it up, its free and a small download.