So, I Finally Got Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout…

I got Fall Guys and you should get it too. This is why!

I’ve been aware of the platforming PVP game Fall Guys since it’s release. I mean, who wasn’t?

The game went viral and soared to a huge fandom fairly quickly. Since then, the game has nestled itself into the hearts and minds of many players. But sadly, it never came on Xbox (although it is rumoured to be coming).

Earlier this year, I had to say goodbye to my near twelve year laptop and decided that I’d get a laptop that can play games decently as an upgrade. Fall Guys was the first game that I put on my Steam Wishlist and I recently got it on sale. Suffice to say, I am hooked.


Do you remember that show called Wipe Out where contestants have to run an obstacle course while dodging being knocked down by traps and bouncy balls? Fall Guys is that in game format but with more variety.

Some maps require you to race to the end, others require you to just survive (like avoiding charging rhinos that knock players off of the platform.) Other games involve memory games or counting objects as quickly as you can. The modes are a lot of fun and randomised every time.

Though, if you do a level enough times it becomes second nature to know where all of the shortcuts are and how to complete it.

Goofy Fun

Fall Guys is just goofy fun to play when you don’t feel like playing something serious. It’s casual running around and laughing as your little character gets knocked around or even better, laughing at another player get knocked around.

Fall Guys has quickly become my favourite game and I had to tear myself away from it to write this article.

So, if you haven’t yet, go play it!

Okay, off to go play again, bye-bye now!