‘Tis The Season of Gaming

Tis the season of gaming here! So let’s celebrate!

Christmas has dawned on 2021. With the festive season of gifts and Christmas trees comes festive themed in-game events to get players in the spirit. I’ve said it before and I’ll probably keep saying it so long as I’m writing about video games; I love the months between October and January in the gaming year because of the Halloween and Christmas events that come along back-to-back.

That and the time around E3, of course, but to be playing games, this is the best time of year – mostly because of these Christmas events. The trees in Fortnite are decorated with Christmas lights while other games like Fall Guys have Christmas-themed events, like their Nightmare Before Christmas crossover, which allows players to earn a Santa Jack skin and buy characters from the film from the item shop.

But that isn’t the only reason why this time of year is exciting. It is during this time that we look to next year and all of the exciting things that are coming and look back at this year’s fond memories that were made in the virtual worlds we inhabit.

Though, the best thing of all is that we get time off from work (except for me!) to spend time with family and friends… and our gaming friends. End of year time off means more gaming time for us and I enjoy seeing my friends’ names appear online during the day when they would otherwise be working.

So, while you are grinding to earn special Christmas rewards or just playing the games you enjoy, let’s not forget what’s important… which is the sweet XP that we can earn – I mean, ahm… the time we get to spend with our family and friends, whether they be online or offline.

Merry Christmas to you from us!