So, About Netflix’s Witcher Season 2…

Have you seen Season 2 of The Witcher? You really should!

I’m going to be frank; The Witcher season 2 blew me away. The first thing that I noticed was the better production value. The sets were so much better than the first season (not that they were bad back then but you can see the upgrade.)

And the scenery shots and CGI were vastly improved compared to Season 1. The writing was also better, but there were a few sloppy and/or confusing bits. The series has really found its footing, which further cements my opinion that a series truly finds its feet during the second season.

Henry Cavill continues to show us that he is Geralt of Rivia in real life and I really can’t see anyone else being the white-haired Witcher. I was really impressed with Kim Bodnia as Vesemir and the rest of the cast really brought their A-game to the show.

But what really got me was the sets and how this season really transported me to the world of The Witcher. I felt sad when I had finished the last episode because I felt this void and didn’t know how to full it… oh, wait… I still have The Witcher 3! I wouldn’t be surprised if sales for The Witcher 3 sky rocket again after this season. Most of my friends who watched the season are playing the game again… it’s funny how that works.


Anyway, the new season was leagues ahead of the first and I’m even more keen to see what Netflix does next with The Witcher: Blood Origin; a spinoff show set a thousand years before Geralt was roaming around. But after thing this season, I’m even more excited to see what they do with Conan The Barbarian. Hopefully, they can give that The Witcher treatment as well!