A Quick Look at Fortnite Chapter 3…

A quick look at the new Fortnite Chapter 3..

After the destruction of the Queen’s wrath flipped the island and left us adrift, we finally washed up on the shore of the new island. The Chapter started with our character making their way to a camp fire where The Foundation (Dwayne The Rock Johnson) was seen sitting with some new friends.

He briefed us on how the IO are abusing the Zero Point and that we have to stop them before the camera panned out revealing the new island which looks quite big and diverse with biomes. The new era of Fortnite has begun with new things to see and ways to play…

New Toys

The new guns are vastly different than what we are used to with harder recoil and quick fire rates. Time to kill feels like it has been reduced as some of these guns melt through your shields and health. I suspect nerfs are inbound but it has become even more dangerous out there.

One gun in particular has quickly become my favourite, that being the MK-Seven Assault Rifle. My jaw dropped when I picked this thing up for the first time because when aiming the game switches to a first person perspective so players can use the reflex sight attached to the gun. I love this thing.

New Features

Other than a brand new map, the game feels a lot faster now with shooting, movement and- for the first time- sliding. Players are sliding and shooting all over the place now and it helps getting around quickly when you slide down a hill, giving you more speed as you go down. I’m liking this addition and there are more features on the way like weather events and new wildlife.

The introduction of the Victory Crown is also a nice touch. When players win they earn a crown. Alternatively, you can earn crowns by killing other players. These crowns make us champions and level up as we play, giving us bonus XP. If you die, you lose them.  

Battlepass XP

It’s nice that we can now earn our battlepass XP in creative mode though the general level up rate feels terribly slow to me. I played all afternoon yesterday and levelled up once. It could be because the season is still new and the game is still balancing out quests but Fortnite has this ugly habit of getting the XP rate tuned perfectly and then changing it completely which either makes it too fast or too slow. Right now it feels far too slow.

They had a good system with their Marvel Season and the punch card system. Why they don’t just stick to that is beyond me. I hope they can adjust the XP payouts this season because right now it feels like progression is at a snail’s pace, which is a shame because I really want that Spider-Man skin.

Fortnite’s Chapter 3 is basically a third release of the game and I’m looking forward to seeing what the third version of Fortnite has in store for us.