So, I Watched Final Girls…

A look at a light hearted slasher, Final Girls

After binging Netflix’s Fear Street trilogy, I felt like I needed some more horror in my life, so I browsed the horror section and stumbled across a film called Final Girls, I already knew where that was going. Though this one seemed a little different in the sense that it was more of a self-aware parody of the slasher genre, which I found interesting.

The Cast

This film has quite the cast. Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev plays a main role along with Vikings’ Alexander Ludwig. The main character is played by rising horror star, Taissa Farmiga who you would recognise from American Horror Story, these were just some of the main actors and I was quite surprised to see such popular actors in a film like this.

The Plot

A young girl’s mother is killed in a car accident and some years later the daughter watches her mother’s most popular film in a special screening. However, this film is a slasher called Camp Bloodbath (the first of many Friday the 13th nods) but when a fire breaks out in the theatre, the group of friends escape through the screen and find themselves in the film.

Fully aware of what is going on, they need to survive not only the killer but also the annoying characters while the main character deals with interacting with her mother, who isn’t actually her mother but is the character her mother played… it’s a little weird.

The film mixes the self-aware comedy aspects with some ridiculous death scenes quite well. I watched one character get killed by a bear trap over and over, it was so good. Brief, but good! The film never takes itself too seriously and that makes it fun. While it won’t knock your socks off or scare you half to death, it will give you a laugh and a grimace as you watch.