A Look At Fear Street Part 3: 1666

This is the final stop on the bloody Fear Street.

This is it, folks, the final Fear Street movie in the three-part movie event. Before I jump into the creepy final instalment, here are some of my summed up thoughts on the series as a whole.

I have always maintained that a series is better than a film due to the fact that a film has a shorter run time and therefore can’t drag story arcs out or fully flesh out a character or plot to save time.

I have often expressed my disappointment in films for this and it is no fault of the writers or directors. It is a fault of the medium. Films just feel rushed to me (except The Lord of The Rings movies) while a series has the means to invest more time into fleshing out the world and characters…

Then came along the Fear Street film event on Netflix, which were three films that felt like very long episodes in a three part mini-series. I loved this method and it completely eradicated that sense of a rushed story that I get from films in general. I was sad when this one came to an end. I had put it on right after watching Part 2: 1978 and ended up going to bed that morning at 4a.m. Good times…

The Witch

Fear Street Part 3:1666, like the previous two parts, took influence from other classic movies. I immediately caught onto the eerily familiar tone that was in 2018’s The Witch. The film followed the same town from the previous two movies but during the New England Puritan days. While Part 1 and 2 were fast paced slashers, this one took a slower approach and felt more like a slow burn as strange things started happening around the colony and like a ticking time bomb, all of these little things built up to a chaotic finale and shocking twist.

Familiar Faces

It was a nice touch to reuse actors from the previous two movies in different roles to inhabit the town during the colonial days. It reminded me of how American Horror Story does their casting.

The Fear Street movies are a must watch for horror fans as they feel more like a celebration of horror classics while still telling a good story and introducing fun characters. Though be prepared for this sense of wanting more once the final credits roll on the third movie. Hopefully, Netflix will revisit this world one day and reuse this formula in future.