Ubisoft Reveals A Surprise New Game

Ubisoft revealed a surprise new game but was it a welcome one?

So, Ubisoft announced a new game, Tom Clancy’s xDefiant, which is a ‘punk rock mosh pit/ hero shooter’ and… wait… what? That doesn’t even sound remotely close to anything Tom Clancy… oh it’s probably because of the classes and gear that is inspired by other Tom Clancy games.

During the trailer, I saw a character wearing Sam Fisher’s iconic night vision goggles (Ah, Sam Fisher. Doomed to star in everyone else’s game but his own).

Don’t get me wrong, the game looks solid enough albeit a bit of an odd choice (which we will get to in a second) but it irks me that they put the Tom Clancy name, a name associated with stealth and espionage onto a fast-paced hero shooter that has more in common with the likes of Call of Duty and Apex Legends.

This looks a lot like those games. So much so, that in the comments of the video, people were calling it an Apex clone. Does the world really need another hero based first-person shooter? We have so many!

It’s pretty much like the battle royale genre now. There are so many good contenders that the new games hardly provide anything new and soon enough all hype fizzles out. For example, look at Ubisoft’s very own Hyper Scape, though it still has a player base, it has fallen leagues behind that of Apex Legends as players who tried it out within the first month or so just went back to their comfort zone.

I get the sense that the same thing may happen here. Call of Duty and Apex Legends players will try it out and will probably go back to those games where they feel more at home. Though there will be some that stick around, but looking at the game is doesn’t really offer anything innovative. It’s like I’ve already played this game before.

But hey, at least it isn’t another battle royale.