So, About Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer…

A look at the new Halo Inifinite news.

Over the last few years, we have come to expect Microsoft to show off Halo Infinite at Xbox’s E3 conference. This time around, we got a little snippet of story which, to be honest, is just beating a dead horse with a stick at this point.

Yes, we know the new Halo will have an amazing story and will feature vast and beautiful levels and it will be cool. It feels like whenever Halo appears during E3 it is just a re-hash of what we know.

Like a movie trailer that shows way too much. I get that the game needs more time to bake in the oven but a simple, “Hey, it is still coming,” will do.

Though I will give credit where credit is due because this year a big focus shifted to Halo’s iconic multiplayer mode, which will be free-to-play. It will also feature classic modes like capture the flag and will launch alongside the story.

Fast-Paced Action

The trailer showed so many ways you can die horribly. I loved it. The action is fast paced and looks like a lot of fun. There is also talk of a battle pass system with seasons that never expire. So, even when a season is over, players can still earn those rewards. Seasons can also be purchased if players come to the party a little late.

This sounds like an amazing evolution of the battle pass formula. I’ll be honest, with all of these games having seasons, it is really hard to keep up; after a while, it all just feels like one big grind. Halo Infinite has a lot of anticipation around it. Let’s hope that it is in decent shape when it launches this holiday season.

I am really looking forward to this new approach to the battle pass system.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it is a good one.