New Forza Horizon, Who Dis?

There is a new Forza Horizon on the… horizon? (I had to)

Another game franchise that is always expected to make an appearance at Xbox’s E3 conference is Forza. And this year we were treated to a oddly long segment about Forza Horizon 5, which is set in Mexico (just as leaks had suggested).

These games always look amazing but this one seems to take it up a notch by using the power of the Xbox Series X. The map looks beautiful and so do the cars. One thing I have always preferred about the Horizon series is the open world aspect.

I love just casually driving around and exploring. Mexico is a stunning place with a lot of diverse landscape. Of course, this map will be bigger and better and all of that jazz.

In the Wilds

Forza Horizon 5 adds a new feature called Expeditions, which allows players to explore the wilds of the map and look for new locations for the festival to expand. In the trailer, we were given a glimpse at some Mayan ruins, which is always exciting to explore in games, even in racing games.

Always Better with Friends

One thing that stands out with the Forza Horizon games is the fact that it is so orientated around the social aspect. I love racing around and encountering other players. It’s chaotic but this is what makes it more of an enjoyable experience to me.

The map also features some colourful towns where players can test their driving skills along the narrow streets. Orm they could use an off road buggy around an active volcano.

Time to Make Your Own Fun

This time round, the game also features something called The Events Lab, which looks absolutely crazy. It will allow players to create their own races, modes, and experiences. I like the idea of community made content. It will add more life to the game in the long run.

Forza Horizon 5 is coming out 9 November 2021!