Loki Has Invaded Fortnite

Fortnite adds another crossover this season!

The God of Mischief has entered the fray in the form of this month’s crew pass skin. Loki has been added to Fortnite’s ever expanding roster just in time for his own series on Disney Plus.

I love the fact that both Marvel and DC characters are hanging out in Fortnite. This season’s special skin is none other than Superman while Loki is this month’s crew skin. It’s a special blend of absurdity to see both franchises in one game.

Having a squad made up of DC and Marvel characters is blurring the line between the two. The Crew Subscription keeps proving itself as being worth the value for diehard fans. Those one thousand V-Bucks go a long way and a free skin is always a bonus.

The Parasites

Loki isn’t the only newcomer to the island. As the season evolves, we have seen the arrival of these little critters called Parasites who latch onto players’ heads, providing them with a speed boost at the cost of their health. It is quite the risk but that speed boost is quite handy when trying to run away or get the jump on another player.  

Another thing that is happening in the world of Fortnite is that UFOs are now abducting players and making them compete in a time trial to score some legendary loot. I was so confused when this happened to me the first time.  

Summer Fun

The Summer event is also live, which brings its own objectives for players to do, netting them some sweet backbling and glider rewards, and a healthy amount of XP to level up their Battle Pass.

Fortnite is always expanding and trying new things to stay fresh and I’d say they are succeeding in every aspect. Though as we get closer and closer to Season 10, I can’t help but wonder if we will see the dawn of a new chapter soon and what changes it will bring. Until then, we have a few more seasons to get through.