Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

Here’s a look at the new Rainbow Six game

Full Disclaimer: I do not play Rainbow Six Siege so my views are solely based on what I know and have seen in this trailer.

Rainbow Six may have jumped head first into the freaky side of things. The game is a three player squad-based tactical shooter where players face off against a supernatural enemy known as ‘Archæans’ (quite a cool name)

These things come in different variants, much like we see in other zombie games. Though these aren’t exactly zombies, the game still looks like it plays like a zombie horde shooter but with that signature Rainbow Six tactical edge. The game looks good and the gunplay should be familiar to Rainbow Six Siege players according to the developers. The creatures also look really cool. I have to hand it to the design team, these things look badass.

Watch Your Step

In the trailer, we were shown something called Sprawl, which is a gooey like substance that spreads across the whole ecosystem. The monsters move faster when walking on the blanket of sprawl while the players get slowed down. It can be dispersed by shooting at it. I really like this idea. It makes things a little more complicated the deeper into a level the players go.

The game looks like it can get quite chaotic but does reward slower and more calculated approaches to the missions. The creature designs are cool and the added tactical aspects of it blend in well. What really catches my interest is the fact that when an operator goes down they enter stasis foam and need to be rescued.

This is very different from the regular Rainbow Six franchise and as a spinoff it could work. Though, I’d like to see their long term plan before I commit.