The Xbox E3 2021 Showcase

My thoughts on the Xbox E3 2021 showing.

This is the highlight of E3 for me and yes, I may be an Xbox fanboy. This year Xbox wanted to show the world that Bethesda games and the companies that they umbrella are part of their family.

And I’d say their message was loud and clear. The show started with Bethesda’s Todd Howard, which was a big surprise as we are used to seeing Phil Spencer kick off the show. This may be a small thing but if you read between the lines, this was Xbox’s way of showing that Bethesda is home now… and then they showed Starfield and confirmed that it is in-fact an exclusive.


The Showing

After the Ubisoft Forward event, I was feeling a tad hungry for more news. The Xbox showing may not have shown us Fable IV (which I was hoping for), but it did show us Stalker 2, a new Forza Horizon, reminded us all why Game Pass is worth every penny and also dropped a Sea of Thieves surprise (which came in the form of a Pirates of The Caribbean crossover), among other things.

Though surprisingly there was hardly any talking. They just swarmed us with trailer after trailer after trailer. Luckily, there was a stream a few days later where the developers had a chance to chat about the games. This was a nice move; so players who just wanted to see all the trailers had the initial event while players who wanted a deeper dive had a secondary event. Much wow!

Still Some Loose Ends

As I said before, no Fable IV was shown. State of Decay 3 was missing as well. Rare’s Everwild was not even mentioned. I can’t help but wonder if these games are being revealed too soon?

Anyway, the showcase was a lot of fun. Although I didn’t see the one game I was crossing fingers for, it was still worth every second.