So, About That Ubisoft Forward Event…

well that was lacklustre


That pretty much sums it up.

I was left so disappointed by this event that I actually went to bed sad.

Sure, I got to see gameplay of Riders Republic and Far Cry 6. But those were the highlights of the show for me. There wasn’t really anything new; just some rehashes of games we already knew about. A few surprises here and there with Rocksmith’s return to the world of the living and a new Mario + Rabbids game. But other than that, what was this show even?

Riders Republic

A Whole Lotta Meh

We saw some Rainbow Six Extraction which looks like a lot of fun but we already knew about this game. There were no updates on the Prince of Persia remaster. Although I am glad to see Ubisoft take time with their Assassin’s Creed series and focus on giving more content to Valhalla, the show just felt bland and like a reminder for games we already knew about.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in the wind as is Skull & Bones. It’s like Ubisoft didn’t really have much to say this year, which is a shame. Last year’s event was way more packed than this one. Maybe they will have a follow up later on in the year?

Far Cry 6

I’m sure the studio is grinding away at their upcoming games and there are some exciting things in the pipeline but this showing felt like they were just reminding us of their existence. Though I am impressed with Rainbow Six Extraction, Far Cry 6, and Riders Republic, I was just expecting more from the show. Maybe my expectations were too high and this is my own fault.

But I really hope Ubisoft gives an update on their other games that seem to be in limbo.  In the meantime, we did get a trailer for a certain movie-related game. Though judging from Ubisoft’s track record with revealing games and then going radio silent on them, I think this is still a far way out. Check out the trailer below.