My E3 2021 Wishlist

E3 is right around the corner and I’m quite excited. With the event making use of the online space as opposed to big crowded events for safety reasons, everyone can enjoy the event from the comfort of their homes. I’m hotly anticipating the game reveals, and I’m excited for the surprises. So, here are some things I am crossing my fingers for.

Ubisoft’s Corner

I doubt we will see a new Assassin’s Creed this year but I’m looking forward to other things from Ubisoft. Rider’s Republic is an open-world extreme sports game that really caught my fancy last year, so I’m hoping to see more of that. The Prince of Persia: Sands of Time remaster was delayed, so I’m interested to see what changes have been made.

But what I really want is some more information on Beyond Good & Evil 2. The game has been quiet for a while and I’m hoping we get some more information on this and some new footage too.


Xbox’s Corner

No doubt Halo Infinite will make an appearance and possibly a new Forza and some Gears of War shenanigans. These have become a staple for Xbox’s showcases during E3. Maybe some Game Pass stuff as well. But what I really want to see is Fable IV.

This is all that I’m really hoping to see from Xbox. I am so curious as to how they will be reviving this franchise. We got the reveal last year, I hope we see some gameplay this year. I suspect Bethesda will show off Starfield too. I can’t think of anything else really. Microsoft likes to keep things a surprise for fans.


There are a lot of developers showcasing at E3 but I have always gravitated to these two shows. Maybe this year, I will actually watch the PC Gaming show seeing as I now have a better laptop. Anyway, E3 is an exciting time of year for any gamer. I can’t wait!