Fortnite’s New Season Is Out of This World (Literally)

Fortnite’s new season is *burps* here!

After what I personally found to be one of the more disappointing seasons in Fortnite’s long history, the game’s new season has launched with a better theme and some interesting new weapons to play with, a very unexpected crossover, and a weird levelling up system. This season’s theme is called Invasion and the theme is all about pesky Aliens. Here is the rundown:


Eck! Aliens have invaded Fortnite’s battle royale island. These aliens hover around in UFO’s that zap players or abduct them. They can also pick up objects and throw them at enemies. On the plus side, players can hijack these flying saucers and use them to win.

The UFOs are ridiculously overpowered though I have noticed their main weakness being the new rail rifle. When I am flying in a UFO, I keep clear of any red lasers that appear on my screen. A well-placed shot from a rail gun is a good way to bring these UFOs down.

Not only have Aliens invaded the map but players can find alien artefacts scattered around the map or in the new team-based puzzle chests to customise their own alien skin called “Kymera”. It is really cool and it’s nice to see everyone’s own version of “Kymera”.

The New Tech Weapons

Last season’s weapons sucked. I’m not even going to sugarcoat it. The primal weapons were utter rubbish. I’m glad that normal weapons have returned as well as the new tech weapons. The Rail Gun is tricky to use with its charge but it sounds amazing and landing a hit with it is so satisfying.

The Pulse Rifle is a nice addition for mid-range combat and the Recon Scanner is a grenade launcher kind of thing that just alerts players to enemies. There is also an alien blaster which is a lot of fun to use and it makes a weird and goofy sound as well.

Rick Sanchez Has Entered The Fray

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!

The smartest man in the universe has entered Fortnite for better or for worse. Complete with his standout animated style and some goodies too as well as a Toxic Rick Skin.

Let’s hope they release Morty too.

Though this isn’t the only crossover. A certain caped crusader from DC Comics fame is on the way as well…

The New Level Up System

This is where it gets weird. The trailer for the Battle P6ass said you could chose your rewards by earning stars and using them to unlock rewards. But in order to get the skins on a page, you have to unlock all the rewards on that page. So, what’s the point?

It feels redundant. If you have to unlock everything to get the skins, then why even give us the option to choose? I’ve skipped some skins on the earlier pages to go straight for the other skins on other pages, but if you want everything, then you still need to unlock all the stuff you may not want like sprays or emojis.

It’s a weird system and I think it needs to be fined tuned for the next season if it returns.

The new season runs till September so best to get in on that grind!