Bethesda And Xbox Sitting In A Tree

Xbox and Bethesda celebrate their union on the E3 stage.

Xbox came out swinging with this E3 event. They wanted to show the world that Bethesda has found its place within the big house of Xbox and they did so with the first few minutes of the show as and the last bit of the show.

The reason why I am going on about how significant it was that Todd Howard of Bethesda opened the show instead of Phil Spencer with his classic “we believe in gaming” speech was because seeing Todd Howard there was a very brazen way of saying, “Hey Todd, you’re one of us now!”

It was a big and deliberate move on Xbox’s part. At the time, I didn’t really pay attention to it until after the show when I started thinking about everything that had been revealed. This was a statement, there is no two ways about it…and then they followed up with Starfield’s trailer and announcing it as an exclusive that will appear on Game Pass.

I’ll correct myself. Xbox didn’t just come out swinging, they came out with some serious firepower.  

Fallout 76

The Steel Reign update is coming to Fallout 76 soon. While this expands on the Brotherhood of Steel update, it was what they showed at the end of their segment that caught my eye. It is no secret that the Fallout 76 map is a tad crowded and so expeditions to other regions from Fallout lore would come eventually.

While everyone was expecting Far Harbour, they showed us a teaser for The Pitt. If you played Fallout 3, you would remember this gem from the DLC run of the game.

Game Pass

Bethesda and the companies that they cover have basically most if not all of their games on Game Pass now. This adds so much more value to the subscription service and I’m all for it.

Red Fall

There was a lot going on with Bethesda and Xbox and while the two companies are sitting happily in a tree, they ended the show with a cinematic trailer for an open world vampire slaying game by Arkane Studios who developed the Prey and Dishonoured games.

Though there is not much to go on with a mere cinematic trailer, the concept looks cool!

I get the sense Xbox and Bethesda are just getting started. I’m looking forward to seeing where this love story goes.