A Brief Look At Riders Republic

A quick rundown of Riders’ Republic!

Riders Republic isn’t really my kind of game. Sure, I’ve played and enjoyed The Crew, Forza, and Skate but I tend to gravitate to action orientated games. Riders Republic is an open world extreme sports game full of wing suit gliding, mountain bike racing, snowboards and other crazy, absurd things.

For some reason, it caught my attention when I saw it at 2019’s Ubisoft Forward event. I was hoping to see more of it this year and for me, this was the highlight of the event. This game looks insane judging by the deep dive video that Ubisoft showed at their event.

A Hub of Fun

In the trailer, we saw a hub area where it looks like players can roam around on foot to join in on events. I like this idea as it will make it feel more social which makes sense for a multiplayer game like this. There are quite a few modes to choose from, one of them that was shown was the PVP mode called Tricks Battle.

This is a 6v6 mode where players have to stomp tricks on different areas of the arena to own them. The team with the most owned areas in the arena wins. This is a lot like some of the modes from Skate.

The World

The snippets from the trailer showing the world looked beautiful. And that wasn’t the only thing they showed off, there is the a vast variety of biomes in this map. I’m looking forward to game just to explore this map. One thing I like about Ubisoft is that they tend to have a knack for making beautiful world in their games.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is still one of the best open worlds I have explored. I’m hoping this game’s world is just as fun to explore, especially since you can take it by air as well!

Riders Republic launches 2 September. Let’s hope there are no more delays!