Why I’m Excited For The Isle of Siptah Map

A new map is coming to Conan Exiles on console (with updates on PC).

Conan Exiles is a fun game. A big part of this game is the lore of the world it is set in. Robert E. Howard created an amazing world with Hyboria; a fantasy prehistory to our own era. He was inspired by real world ancient civilisations and made early versions of them with his own civilisations.

Conan Exiles gets to tap into this lore and make amazing open-worlds with it. The original map, ‘The Exiled Lands’ had a bit of everything in terms of biomes for fans of the books. It had scorching deserts, cold and gloomy northlands, lush fields, murky jungles, and hot volcanic areas all adorned with the dark and terrible ruins of an ancient race, as is the norm in the world of Hyboria.

As a reader of the books and comics, I appreciated the diversity in biomes, which were all call backs to the areas from the books. Magic always rested in the depths of the map. But with the Isle of Siptah, all of these things have been amped up…

Community Feedback

When the map launched on PC, players pointed out how dead the land felt without NPC villages like the ones found in the Exiled Lands. So, Funcom listened to the community and added new land mass to the map to accommodate new villages and NPCs to bring the map to life.

The new land masses looked a bit weird to me at first as you can see they were an afterthought and just stuck onto the shape of the island. But despite their odd shape, their content seems to be in-depth with villages, trials, and new biomes.

This map looks hauntingly beautiful and vastly different from the original map. I’m excited to explore and immerse myself in this world and I can’t help but wonder… what will they add next? They have a world full of rich lore to borrow from…the options are limitless!