I Tried and Failed in Fortnite’s Latest LTM

Fortnite added a new LTM. Here’s a quick look!

Fortnite recently added a new limited time mode called The Impossible Escape. The mode was very reminiscent of the likes of Ark Survival Evolved. Players could choose either a PVP or PVE variant and they end up spawning on the beaches of the island with the map fogged up.

Your objective is to find pieces of a helicopter and escape the island by the third day or else be killed by the approaching storm. The mode was a lot of fun with some elements from other survival games.

During the day things are reasonably peaceful, but at night a thick fog covers the island where creatures of the night come out to hunt. For some reason, I could never finish this mode. I kept dying over and over and over again. But it was fun nonetheless.


Even if players load in as a squad, they spawn alone and have to find one another and emote together to form a team. After shooting up some nasty NPCs who were guarding a chopper, I came across another player and we formed a team.

Though regaining health after my skirmish with the NPCs was difficult. I had to harvest corn from the fields to regain some health before running into the night fog to look for a piece of the helicopter. At the time, I didn’t know that night time would spawn more creatures until the notice popped up on the screen. But by then, I was already too far out. So, I was eaten by wolves. It was a fun time.

 Limited-Time Mode Woes

The mode is a lot of fun and is very different from the standard formula. However, once again, a fun game mode is turned into a limited time mode and vanishes just as quickly as it has come. I wish Fortnite had a permanent mode like this.

I’m hoping for an open-world narrative driven mode seeing as though we are getting narrative quests in the battle royale. But for now, players just have to wait for these modes to cycle back in. This could happen at anytime, although usually, it takes a while for limited-time modes to return.