Conan Exiles Slams Into Game Pass

Game Pass is getting a little wild…

There is talk that Game Pass will eventually push Xbox to win the console war. Then, there are also murmurs that Game Pass will end up being available on other consoles. Personally, I love Game Pass and it seems difficult to find an Xbox player that isn’t subscribed.

Honestly, I hardly buy games anymore! I just subscribe to Game Pass and live off of that. The subscription is affordable and I am spoilt for choice.

And Xbox is not slowing down. New games monthly, and this time around, a certain survival game set in one of them most interesting fantasy settings has joined the catalogue. Conan Exiles has joined the gamepass family!

Welcome To The Exiled Lands

I’ve been playing this game for years now. I spent a lot of time in it in 2018 and made friends while playing this open world survival game. So, I’m excited for it to come to Game Pass so my other friends can try it out. The game was in a bad state a while ago with game breaking bugs and crashes.

But after a much anticipated (and delayed) update, the game is better (although not perfect.) I still have some creatures popping in as I’m running and some bases taking forever to load in. But the game feels smoother, which is good.

Conan Exiles has also had an overhaul on crafting and progression which I know nothing about because I haven’t gotten there yet since I started playing again. However, there is now an option to alter one’s appearance post character creation, which is good.

Conan Exiles

Dark Clouds On The Horizon (Which Is A Good Thing)

But something stirs…there are dark clouds looming! Along with the announcement that the game will be coming to Game Pass, Funcom also announced the official launch of their new DLC map, The Isle of Siptah on console.

This is no doubt a marketing plan and a smart one. People will get the game “free” via Game Pass,  but will need to pay for the new DLC. There is no doubt some players who finish the base game map will jump right into the DLC map if they enjoyed the experience.

Conan Exiles launched on Game Pass on 27 May 2021.