The Elder Scrolls Online: Companions Impressions

A brief look at the upcoming companions feature coming to ESO.


The lands of Tamriel are full of adventure, rich with culture, and features an endless supply of things to do. Sadly, a lot of those things tend to require a group of people. Sometimes, your friends can’t always be online, so a lot of the content in Elder Scrolls Online tends to be locked behind group play.

That is about to change with the Blackwood Expansion coming later this year as it will be introducing the companions system to help make wandering Tamriel less lonely.


Only two companions have been shown off in live streams. There is Mirri Elendis, a Dark Eld and Bastian Hallix, an Imperial. Each companion will have their set of likes and dislikes. So, if you take to thieving, they may not like that too much or may be impressed by your quick hands depending on their personality.

You can find gear for your companions and equip costumes that you have collected for them. What really surprised me was that companions will mount up when you summon your mount. And, yes, you can give them a copy of one of your own mounts to use.

Skills and Quests

You can set the role your companions fall into as well. They can be either a Tank, Healer, or DPS. The companions are fully voiced and may have their own personal quests for you to do. There will also be a rapport level showing you how much your new friend likes or dislikes you.

When I first heard about companions I ignored it. I was more interested in the new zone and story that was coming but after watching the latest stream about it, I am quite excited to have an AI teammate around to keep me company when I’m alone.

However, the companions do take up a slot in your party. So, if two players venture off into a four player dungeon, each player’s companion fills a slot. It will make solo play a lot easier in ESO, which is a nice thing to have.

The Blackwood Expansion is slated for a June 2021 release.