McFarlane Toys Fortnite Peely Review

A quick review of the Peely Action Figure by McFarlane Toys!

Fortnite is known for their ridiculous looking characters and fan favourite ‘Peely’ the humanoid and occasionally grudge-holding banana is a good example of that. Peely has won the hearts of many Fortnite fans since his debut in Season 8 (wow, that feels like a lifetime ago).

McFarlane Toys used the Fortnite line to revolutionise their approach to action figures and have become even more of a powerhouse in the industry since then. I was over the moon when Peely was announced and I grabbed him as soon as I could. I mean, a banana with homicidal tendencies…how could I not?

The Figure

Peely’s likeness is captured brilliantly in figure form. It really is just a figure mould under a banana-shaped rubbery body. His legs and arms are plastic and come with all the articulation you’d expect like double jointed elbows and toe articulation but his body is another story.

Due to the rubber outline, he doesn’t twist and bending him messes up the smooth banana shape that he has and smudges his face, which is captured quite well. What is very impressive is the fact that the top of his head (or body?) is actually peeling down with the inside of the banana visible underneath. He also has a little sticker on his back as well. So, not the best range in terms of torso movement but after all, he is a banana.

The Accessories

Peely comes with a hunting rifle, a coconut machete harvesting tool, and a bamboo backpack that ports into a small little hole on his back. He also comes with a basic stand, which is a staple for McFarlane Toys. These figures tend to have a problem getting their weapons in their hands as the fingers are so stiff but once they are in there, they’re in to stay until you have to wrestle them out again.

Peely is a fun figure. Sure, he can’t move around all that much and he is a hassle to clean, but he is a unique looking figure. I’m glad I got my hands on him.


  • Good likeness
  • Nice looking accessories
  • Fun character 
  • High in potassium


  • Fingers are so stiff, making him hold his weapons is a struggle.