Looking Back At The Jubilee Event in ESO

ESO is getting older and players are getting rewarded!

The Elder Scrolls Online had its seventh birthday recently with an annual birthday event in the form of the Jubilee 2021, which offered many rewards for players to earn just by playing the game. The event wasn’t very in-depth as it revolved around doing daily quests to earn the rewards but despite this, it was still a lot of fun.

It’s All A Party

The event started with players providing ingredients to a travelling baker to help him bake his famous Jubilee cake. Once it was made, players earned the cake as a memento and could eat it for an insane XP boost and three event tickets per day.

Players could only hold twelve event tickets at one time. Luckily, you also got fragments for the upcoming Deadlands Firewalker Personality and fragments for the required pet to morph into the personality once the final piece is released. Players could also spend their tickets on a replica of the cake as a home decoration.


There are a ton of dailies to do in The Elder Scrolls Online. But during this event, I just stuck to the crafting dailies and I’m glad I did. Crafting plays a big role in ESO, with some of the best gear sets only obtainable via crafting.

Not only did this event make me focus on an aspect of the game I was otherwise ignoring, but it helped me earn some good motifs and crafting styles which came as rewards for doing these dailies. I find myself still doing these dailies even after the event ended because it is an easy source of income for my character and the XP gained is worth it.

It will be interesting to see what the next event is, and I’m looking forward to finally earning the Deadlands Firewalker Personality!