A Look back At Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: The Last Of The Maharaja Missions Pack

A look back at a slightly better DLC in Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

After the abyssal The Darwin and Dickens Conspiracy, I was loathed to play through the rest of the DLC offerings for Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. At this point, it felt like a chore since I had finished the story and the last DLC was so bad it turned me off of the game for a month until I jumped back in and started The Last of the Maharaja content.

These missions focused on the side character Duleep Singh and the relationship between England and India at the time. The missions could be played as either Jacob or Evie Fryre. The missions weren’t very in-depth or anything and a lot of times they were just “go here, hijack this, sneak in here and hijack that.” But the world of Industrial Revolution London was so well done in this game, I didn’t complain about running around the map.

High Society

The majority of the main game revolved around the slums and gang-life of London while this DLC featured a lot of royalty…literally. From partaking in a gentlemen’s game of target shooting to rubbing shoulders with the elite. Though even in High Society, there is turmoil. I don’t fully understand the story between Duleep Singh and Queen Victoria but from the DLC I gathered that he was being snubbed in his attempts for a free and Independent India.

Though that is not part of the pesky Templars’ agenda. So, the whole DLC had players helping Duleep root out and foil a sinister Templar plot and save the interests of India in the process. While diplomacy and discourse happens in the halls of parliament and Buckingham Palace, stabbing and silencing happens in the dark alleys of London. Don’t you just love politics?

The DLC was a big step up from the previous one, even though it still felt like more-or-less the same thing.