A Look At Assassin’s Creed Syndicate: Jack The Ripper

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s DLC round up ends with the brutal Jack The Ripper.

Ah, Jack The Ripper. The infamous serial killer who managed to escape the long arm of the law and whose identity has remained a mystery. I wasn’t surprised when I first saw Assassin’s Creed tackle this dark historical figure. But I was surprised about how they handled him. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s DLC redeemed itself immensely with this pack, which brought a darker and more brutal tone to the game.

Becoming Jack

I was very surprised when I actually started the DLC playing as Jack The Ripper. And an emphasis on the Ripper part of his name. His combat style was so brutal and he seemed to fight more to inflict pain than to kill. He’s an animal; he even roars to scare enemies.

He is this tough, faceless, murderous demon that just moves through enemies like a train that’s kitted out with knives and stakes. His brutal execution moves were a joy to watch every time and required some quick time button mashing from the player. 

An Older Evie

Evie Fryre makes a return in this DLC but she is much older and wiser. She has returned from India after her twin brother, Jacob goes missing. She is tasked with finding and stopping the elusive Jack The Ripper. Though Evie has learned some nice new tricks from her time in India like her use of fear tactics.

She also uses a stake similar to Jack but her stake is not lethal as it goes in the victim’s arms. The enemies freak out when they see their friends get pegged to the ground and hear the sounds of the fear bombs. Though Evie holds back considerably compared to Jack.

Jack uses the painful death of his victims to scare the others. Jack is also very unhinged with words appearing on the screen as players play as him. I really enjoyed his segments as his brutal nature made the game’s combat shine.

The Jack The Ripper DLC is without a doubt the highlight of the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate DLC run with a good, darker story and a few new additions to gameplay.