A Big Change Is Coming To ESO

Here’s the scoop on a big change coming to ESO.

The Elder Scrolls Online just keeps expanding. Sure, it had a rocky launch but now it is considered one of the best and most accessible MMOs to get into. The game keeps getting yearly content that add new quests, zones and storylines, gear, and new additions to the in-game crown store.

The Crown Store seems to be a boon to the game with items rotating in and out. Mounts, styles, potions and houses can all be found in the store. One thing that can also be found are the Crown Crates. These are basically loot boxes. You know what is in each one but when you open one, the rewards are randomised from the pool of rewards.

You can convert items you don’t want into Crown gems to buy specific Crown Crate items but it is still required to spend money to get these items. Well, that is slightly changing with something called ‘The Endeavours’ system.

ESO Jester event

While converting unwanted crate items into gems will still be a thing, the new Endeavours system is boasted as being an alternative way to earn Crown Crate items. This system comes in the form of a new type of daily and weekly quests where players can earn a new currency called ‘Seals of Endeavour’.

This currency can be used to buy Crown Crate items. Some of the tasks we can expect are Harvest resource nodes, pickpock items, selling items to vendors and a lot more. Using these seals will allow you to buy any of the current Crown Crate items.

This is a step in the right direction as loot boxes to raise a lot of eye brows in the gaming world even if they are mostly cosmetic items. It also adds more reasons to log in each day to do these new dailies and earn these seals. This update goes live in June. So, until then, players will just have to drool over those Crown Crate items while they wait.