The Elder Scrolls Online: Jester’s Festival

A look at the Jester Event in ESO!

The Elder Scrolls Online has fully sucked me into its world. There will always be the argument of “Oh but all the other players breaks the immersion for me,” or, “the combat is so MMORPG-like”. These are valid points and there are moments where I realise that I am in fact not a humanoid Tiger running around chopping bad guys but I’m playing a game with blatant gameplay dynamics.

However, with all of that said, the game has still managed to suck me in. When I run around the diverse towns that celebrate their different cultures, I tend to get lost in just living in this world. So, when the Jester Festival rolled into Tamriel, I decided to attend the festivities to see what it was like.

ESO Jester

The Event

So, this event was a bit of a hit and miss. The first time I did my dailies it was wonderful. Seeing all the players gathered round, shooting fireworks and throwing pies and each other. Helping the Jesters achieve their absurd goals like stealing a pig and escorting her through town as the NPCs cheer and clap was a lot of fun… the first time round.

Then I had to do it again, and again and again when eventually I just did it as quickly as I could to get my event tickets. I know a lot of these events are based on doing daily quests everyday to earn the rewards, but this got very tedious as it was the same quest over and over each day.

But where the event fell flat, the atmosphere made up for it. Seeing everyone celebrating and having a good time did bring a smile to my face, even if they are NPCs who are not at all self-aware.

There’s nothing quite like celebrating and enjoying the fireworks as you stand over your own dead body.