Re-Discovering Your Highness

A quick look at a forgotten gem…

I finally understand what people mean when they say they’ve spent more time browsing Netflix in search of something to watch than actually watching a movie. This happened to me the other night and after aimlessly browsing for some time, I came across a film called Your Highness. Why did this sound familiar?

Curious, I watched the trailer and remembered that I watched this film ages ago, but forgot it existed… it must have not been very good then?

So, I watched it again to freshen up my memory and figure out why I forgot about this movie…

Spoiler Alert: It Was Quite Good

I have no idea why I forgot about this movie. It stars James Franco, Natalie Portman, Danny McBride and with Charles Dance and Zooey Deschanel featuring in small roles. The film itself is a parody of the whole Dungeons & Dragons/fantasy genre.

The characters embark on an epic quest and a plot that falls into the ‘save a princess from the evil mage before a blood moon’ trope. The film beats clichés like a dead horse, but it does so with a bong. The stoner humour and dirty gags are everywhere in this film, which made it feel different enough from the clichés it aims to parody.

Full of Surprises

The cast have great chemistry and the banter between the characters is both outrageous and well done. Despite being a parody, the film has some really good character development though that development is riddled with crude jokes and jabs.

The film is a lot of fun to watch. Although it doesn’t take itself seriously, the character development for them main character was a surprise find in a film like this.

From the very beginning to the very end, Your Highness will make you laugh. Though be warned, it isn’t the type of film you watch with your parents…