Hi, My Name Is Brendon Jacobs And I’m Addicted To The Elder Scrolls Online (Again)

So I’m addicted to ESO again, here’s why

When I play video games, I tend to either play casually with my friends, grind to get a reward or get totally lost in a game that I end up playing it until the early morning, thinking about it while I’m in bed, and watching videos about it when I can’t play it.

One of those games that has ensnared me like this is The Elder Scrolls Online. It has done this on more than one occasion, but this time round I have both of my feet in the bear trap…

Returning to ESO

Last month, I told my friends I was in the mood for some MMORPG action in my life. So, we ventured back into the world of ESO, created new characters and saw what’s new. It wasn’t long and we were grinding all day and night, looking up guides to perfect our builds and enjoying spending time in this world. And, Bethesda have created a stunning world with this game.

The graphics are a bit dated, I’d admit. But with a game like this, it isn’t about the graphics. It’s about the world, the lore, and the characters. Each region of Tamriel has its own character and charm. The tall trees amongst the dense forests of Grahtwood are very different to the sandy plains of Hew’s Bane. There is a lot of fun to be had exploring each region and seeing how they differ.

Staying with ESO

I decided to give it a month to see if the game kept my interest long enough to validate investing more than my time into it. So, after a month of grinding, I decided to subscribe to ESO Plus, and I can confirm, it was so worth it. There are some ‘pay to win’ benefits in terms of the craft bag, which saved up inventory space by taking all of your materials but between the monthly crowns to buy cosmetics from the Crown Store.

I also have access to all the DLC up until last year’s Greymoor (which is coming to ESO Plus as soon as the next expansion drops later this year). The game is just better with ESO Plus. Though, it can be enjoyed without it as well.


Elder Scrolls has a rich lore and colourful culture and ESO managed to capture this perfectly. So, if you need me, I’d be exploring these fantastical lands, perfecting my builds and trying new builds while making a name for myself in the world of ESO.