Fortnite’s Latest Event Overview (And A New Action Figure Line)

Here’s the rundown of the latest Fortnite Event.

It is a well-known fact that Fortnite has some amazing end season events. This time round they did something quite different. Instead of ending the last season on a huge climax, they started the new season with a major cinematic story mission.

It’s good that they changed up the formula this time round and the event teased a lot of what could be found in the new season while bringing the last season to a solid close.

Agent Jones

It seems the story has found its main character in the form of Agent Jones. We still aren’t entirely sure who he is or if he is a good guy or bad guy other than the little pieces of lore we have gathered from the last season. There are multiple versions of Agent Jones, all from alternate realities stuck in the battle royale loop.

The Matrix comparisons are all over the internet but one thing everyone agrees on is the fact that Agent Jones is the key to everything, whether he likes it or not. Also, he is voiced by voice actor veteran, Troy Baker. So yeah, main character status has been granted.

That Trailer…

The Matrix isn’t the only comparison people are making. This season started with a trailer that played out a lot like a scene from Ready Player One. With characters from different franchises battling it out in the most absurd ways.

From Master Chief and a humanoid military fish man gunning down Xenomorphs to Kratos fighting a pancake man… yeah… things got weird. The best was Ripley saving Sarah Conner by driving a truck off of a bridge and crushing a T-800. I see what you did there, Fortnite, and I liked it.

The new season is underway but there is something going on with Fortnite that not many YouTubers are mentioning and that Hasbro has revealed their new Fortnite line with a character from the new trailer, which you can see below.

Hasbro Fortnite

This means Hasbro knew this character was coming… I wonder what else they know about future seasons and characters?