Feeling Brave? Watch ‘The VVitch’

A quick look at a very creepy movie!

Well, I’m a little traumatised. I’m a sucker for horror movies. Though I have to admit, I’m annoyed at most modern entries in the genre with their constant jump scares. It’s like “Oh something jumped at the screen… oh something jumped at the screen again. Oh, and who would have guessed it? Another thing jumped at the screen again!”

After enough consecutive jump scares, it becomes a horror movie with an identity crisis. But every once in a while a new film comes along that reminds me why I love horror movies so much… The Witch (stylised as The VVitch) is a good example.

A Simple Family

The story takes place in the early days of the colonies in America. A Puritan family is exiled from their town and forced to live in the wilds. They settle on the edge of one hell of a spooky-looking forest and from the get-go there is this sense of dread.

There is something in this forest and the film doesn’t hold back any punches with the unnerving imagery to show viewers that there is something very wrong with this forest.

Now you can imagine a family of very religious, superstitious folk witnessing all of the carnage that unfolds and how it breaks them. The film is clever with its suggestion and with how vague it is until the final act where everything just dials it up to one hundred.

The Atmosphere

The Witch shines with its atmosphere. From the get-go, there is this hauntingly beautiful soundtrack that are very present during scenes of a grey and dark forest. This isn’t a happy movie and you can see it with the atmosphere. The film is a work of art; a morbid, dark, sinister work of art. And it will leave you feeling uncomfortable as this horror forgoes jump scares for a slow burn…and it pays off.