Fortnite’s Love Affair With DC

A look at Fortnite’s flirting with DC Comics.

Fortnite has had a ton of crossovers especially these last few months. With a Marvel-themed season followed by a season full of crossovers ranging from Halo to The Predator, it was no surprise that we have gotten three sets of DC-related items in the game.

The latest addition is The CW’s The Flash who comes hot on the heels of The CW’s Arrow. Though, they aren’t the only DC characters skulking around the world of Fortnite.

The Flash

The Flash zoomed into Fortnite with his own tournament where winners in each region could have earned him through their placement on the leaderboard. A few days later, the scarlet speedster raced into the item shop with his own bundle that included a cool emote, backbling, pickaxes, and a loading screen.

The Flash translates well into the Fortnite style with his red and yellow colour scheme. I have to admit, my heart is still with Arrow’s Fortnite appearance…

The Flash skin


Arrow was the second Fortnite Crew Skin. He looks slick and most importantly, he’s green (my favourite colour). Let’s hope the CW skins don’t stop there. There are so many cool designs they can pull from the shows. I wouldn’t mind a Killer Frost skin somewhere down the line… or a Reverse Flash or a Zombie Zoom skin… that would be a lot of fun.

Arrow skin fortnite

The Last Laugh Bundle

The Last Laugh bundle is still in the shop at the current time of writing. It includes Joker, Poison Ivy and another variant of Midas, an original Fortnite character skin (which is weird.)

It would be interesting to see who gets added in next. We already have Batman, Catwoman, and Aquaman. I wouldn’t mind a Superman and Wonder Woman soaring into Fortnite next season.

Come to think of it, this seems like the only game where Marvel and DC characters rub shoulders. Fortnite really is something special…