Fortnite Had A Tron Crossover…

Tron has raced into Fortnite!

… but do Fortnite kids even know what Tron is?

I’ll admit. I didn’t see Tron being added to the mix this season. I was expecting The Matrix or Robocop. But it is what it is. Tron isn’t my favourite franchise, but it isn’t bad. It does seem like an odd choice given the other options but Tron came riding into the game with a slew of skins and other cosmetics. It wasn’t Robocop but it looked really cool. Here’s a quick rundown.

The Portals

So, it is pretty clear by now that the portals appearing all over the map give us a hint of the worlds these characters are being pulled from. With one being a scene from Terminator 2, another from Predator, and another for The Walking Dead, and many more. I can’t help but think these portals will tie into the end season event next month. I have a bad feeling about this… something is bound to happen!

Tron Fortnite skins

So About Tron

Both Tron movies were pretty cool. I’m surprised the character crossover looked nothing like Jeff Bridges’s character from the movies but instead we got a few generic characters in the signature ‘Light Suits’ from the Tron movies. The light-cycle also made an appearance as a glider while the Identity discs appeared too.

The light suits translated well into the design of Fortnite; though, I would have really enjoyed a light-cycle kind of race mode as a Limited Time event, similar to Mando’s Bounty. I think that would have been a lot of fun.

Other Portals

There are other portals popping up all over the map and there has been another crossover that didn’t get a portal. A certain scarlet speedster ran into Fortnite a while ago and if you blink you might miss him…