Fortnite and Hasbro: A Match Made in Heaven?

Hasbro and Fortnite did a thing. Here’s the run down!

Fortnite is no stranger to merchandise. Epic Games is smart and they want their biggest IP to be raking in as much money as possible. People, young and old, like Fortnite and we all like taking some aspect of it out of the video game and into the real world— which is why there are Fortnite toys being made by Jazwares, McFarlane Toys, and Hasbro.

There’s even a Fortnite -hemed Monopoly! Though, it seems there has been a sort of shakeup and nobody is entirely sure what is going on…

Fortnite Snake Eyes

What It Means For The Game

Hasbro has opted to deepen their contract with Fortnite and now want to make more than just board games and Nerf Guns within the Fortnite brand. It has been recently announced that Hasbro is going ahead with Fortnite action figures and some more in-game events involving their various licenses.

The internet stirred with the potential of this. Will we see the Power Rangers enter Fortnite? What about Transformers? Here’s hoping for the Monopoly Man! (No, really! It would be such a troll skin; I’d get it in a heartbeat.)

Power Rangers alone has untapped potential. They could do a whole season themed around the Power Rangers. We have seen characters influenced by the Rangers and an event that had a Power Rangers style to it. And let’s not forget the elephant in the room here… GI Joe.

We’ve already seen Snake Eyes join the game…could we see more characters as well?

What It Means For Toys

Along with the Snake Eyes reveal was an action figure by Hasbro of Snake Eyes in his Fortnite cartoony style with some weapons. Given that this deal has gone through it seems Snake Eyes’ Fortnite figure was a tease of what is to come. I suspect any Hasbro characters that go into the game will translate into the real world in action figure form. Remember, this is the same company that does the Marvel Legends line so we could even see some Marvel characters in their Fortnite appearances.

What would really be awesome is a Hasbro themed season where the map is a big room and the players are shrunken down to the size of toys and have to battle it out on a Monopoly board.

Now there’s an idea…

The only question is who lost the license? Jazwares did the six inch figures while McFarlane did the seven inch line. McFarlane has been radio silent on Fortnite for the better part of a year while Jazwares has been pumping them out like there’s no tomorrow. No word on who lost the line but I’m sure this will be revealed in the near future… 

I guess with some good news there must always be bad news.

Are you excited for the future of Fortnite and Hasbro’s partnership?