A Look At Fortnite’s Alien Crossover

A quick look at the new additions to Fortnite

If you can see it coming for you, it’s too late.

The Xenomorph has crawled into the world of Fortnite and with it the lone hero of the original Alien movies, Ripley along with her famous cat named Jonsey (not to be confused with Fortnite’s very own Jonsey or Agent Jones.) So, now we have Predator and Alien in Fortnite… blasting each other with guns… this is weird…


The Xenomorph

I was surprised when I heard that the main creature from the Alien franchise was getting the Fortnite treatment. It translated well into the game’s style and it is absolutely devoid of any cute factor that has been associated with Fortnite. This is a Xenomorph, it will eat you. It also has a cool built-in emote where it sticks out that iconic toothed tongue.


I was even more surprised when I saw Ripley in the bundle as well. She is such an iconic character to both the Alien franchise and horror movies overall. They captured her likeness quite well. She comes in two styles from the movies and her backbling is a carrier for her cute cat. The skins can be bought separately but it saves V-bucks to just get them in a bundle together.

Alien Fortnite

Other Goodies

Collecting Fortnite characters is a lot like collecting action figures. Each one comes with its own accessories in the form of harvesting tools and gliders. So, it was no surprise that there is another Alien-themed bundle that includes a glider called The Cheyenne Dropship, Power Loader Arm Harvesting Tool and an emote, where a Lama bursts through your character’s chest only to be petted by the unfortunate victim. Don’t worry, there’s no blood.

Fortnite has had a busy season with all of these crossovers and I’m excited to see what they do next. The next season is apparently already in the testing phase while this season ends March 16th. Before that though, we will be getting another Crew Pack that comes with an awesome looking character that you can take a gander at below.    

   Lord Lama Fortnite