Opinion: Fortnite’s Limited Time Modes Shouldn’t Be ‘Limited’

Should some Limited Time Modes ditch their ‘limited’ status?

I like Fortnite. I enjoy the art style and I like the gun play. I’m not the best builder. In fact, I hardly use building unless I need to get on top of something, but other than that I’m more of a casual player.

I like levelling up the battlepass and looking at all of the new characters. Though after a while, the battle royale loop gets tiresome and I get bored of dropping in and outlasting one hundred other players.

Which is why I am quite fond of the limited time modes, especially ones that change up the game completely. Understandably, I am annoyed that these modes are short-lived.

Here are some of the modes I think should become permanent fixtures of the game:

Mando’s Bounty

The recent crossover Mando’s Bounty limited time mode was a lot of fun. It felt like a copy paste of the Wick’s Bounty for the John Wick crossover but had a Star Wars flare.

Players had tracking pucks to track their targets and even Mando himself entered the game to rake in those credits off of our heads. It was fast paced, stressful, and pure chaos.

It completely changed the game. I wouldn’t mind a mode like this becoming a permanent fixture of the game.

The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava is a really fun mode. It’s essentially a normal Battle Royale mode except lava is rising out of the ground and the map will soon be engulfed in a firey inferno that would make Dante’s eyes widen like a giddy child in a candy store.

The fiery hellscape looks so cool and the pressure of the lava gradually rising adds a bit of panic to the mode. It all makes for a very fun experience but alas, this mode is also short lived.

Floor is lava ltm

I wish these modes would stay right where they are but then again I suppose Epic has a plan in place to cycle these in and out for variety every now and then. Until then, I’ll be missing these modes until they return.