Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Operation Amber Sky Impressions.

Get your gas masks on, Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s new event is here.

I bought Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint at the tail end of last year. I decided to buy the game after a friend showed me how I could customise the game to make it harder (difficulty was an issue I had with Wildlands.)

And it seems I jumped on board just in time as the latest in game event, Operation Amber Sky has just launched which is a crossover between Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six Siege.

Here are my initial thoughts on this event.

The Rewards

Live events always come with a host of rewards. Operation Amber Sky offered weapon blueprints, operator skins based on Rainbow Six, and a shotgun under barrel attachment for guns.

Players get rewards for each successful mission and I like the pacing of the progression.


The Missions

But the real meat and potatoes is the missions and boy, are these missions just a gas. No, really, they are. Operation Amber Sky revolves around a chemical weapon called Amber Ruin.

It is an ominous orange gas that kills any who breathe it in. A lot of the missions take place in areas of the map consumed with this gas as the bad guys are using it to hide their activities.

Luckily, the Ghosts now have gasmasks, but these gas masks run out of air quickly. So, players need to constantly visit a filter station or pick filters off of certain enemies to refresh their oxygen levels.

It is quite nerve wrecking to watch that meter tick down as your character begins to breathe heavily.

The event is a lot of fun and players have until 1 February to complete it

But… I’ll be honest… if they did a Rainbow Six crossover, then I really hope they end up doing an Assassin’s Creed crossover. The possibilities are endless and with a landmass on the map shrouded in fog and unreachable to players.

It’s safe to say that Breakpoint will still be getting some nice content in future. I’m crossing my fingers for an Assassin’s Creed crossover.

Until then, keep those gas masks refreshed and guns loaded.