So, I Watched Blood of Zeus…

We take a look at Netflix’s new Greek Mythology-inspired anime series, Blood of Zeus.

Wow. Just wow. I love mythology. Now, Greek mythology isn’t as cool as Norse mythology (I said it, bite me), but I was not expecting to enjoy Blood of Zeus as much as I did.

I’m quite new when it comes to anime series. Although this isn’t an authentic anime (or at least so a friend tells me), I really took to the art style, storytelling and voice acting in this series.

It was a lot of fun to watch. So much so, I binged it in one night and slept the whole day dreaming about it. It also made me re-watch Clash of the Titans again just to sate the craving for mythology-based stories once it was over.

I actually felt sad when the last episode ended, which says a lot.

Flawed Gods and Complex Humans

I really liked how complex and flawed the characters were. I am avoiding spoilers, but there is one character who I hated as soon as he was introduced.

His mindless blood lust made him easy to hate, but we find out more about his background and I found myself feeling sympathy for the character. Eventually, I even grew to like him.

So much so, he became my favourite character simply by the end of the season. I didn’t like what he did but I understood him. It was a good showing of characterisation.

There Will Always Be Blood

Severed hands, impalement, slicing and dicing. This show is bloody and I love it. Seeing characters get completely f*cked up is a highlight.

Blood of Zeus has a simple premise. Demons are attacking the world and a lone hero must rise up with the gods and fight them off.

It’s an oh-so-typical Greek Mythology tale. It reminded me a lot of Clash of the Titans, which is why I re-watched the film.

But the way the concept was executed in Blood of Zeus was brilliant. I’m so happy there is a season 2 in the works.