A Retrograde Look at Legion (2010)

We take a retrospective look at the 2010 action horror film, Legion.

I like horror films, especially those that involve characters being holed up in a small area while the monsters lurk around outside.

It’s a lot of fun, and no matter how campy the movie is, I find those set ups to be the best kind of horror movies. One such movie is Legion

The film is about an army of heaven being unleashed on vile humans. The army possesses people and turns them into fiendish creatures. Archangels Gabriel and Michael also enter the fray.

It’s an interesting concept. One that was probably met with some controversy due to the biblical theme. All-in-all, Legion was a fun watch even though I do have gripes.

The Cast

Firstly, one major thing about this movie is the cast. Paul Bettany as Michael, Kevin Durand as Gabriel, Lucas Black as Jeep. Tyrese Gibson and Arrow star, Willa Holland are in it too, as is Dennis Quaid.

These are many big names in the film, and although it feels like a B-Movie, it is far from a B-Movie. The makeup and CGI were quite good. The possessed people looked super scary.


The Gripes

The film has a simple premise and it follows some standard story archetypes (such as the “Chosen child”), which is expected in films like this.  These aren’t my issues with the film, though.

However, the movie felt rushed and failed to flesh characters out. The follow up TV series, Dominion, had a different cast and was set sometime in the future, but had better characterization.

The film suffered from being a film. I’ve always maintained that movies fail to fully flesh out characters or have meaningful moments due to their limited run time compared to a series.

Legion isn’t the best movie out there, but if you want a fun horror movie to sink your teeth into on, give it a watch or a re-watch like I did.