Opinion: Fortnite’s Vehicle Modes Should Be A Permanent Feature

I’m a little salty these Fortnite modes are available for a limited time only.

Fortnite may be a battle royale game, but it is known for its unique limited time modes. One example is the mode where night covered the map with a spooky fog while players ran around with silenced weapons.

Or, who could forget  The Floor is Lava Mode where lava rose throughout the map, consuming everything and eventually, everyone…

Recently, some modes revolving around the cars in the game came into rotation. Honestly, these were so good, I feel like they should be fixed into the game as a permanent feature.

It has happened before with the time-limited mode ‘Team Rumble’ where players are split into large teams and have to battle it out in an all-out war with respawn enabled.

So, Epic Games could make any of these modes stay indefinitely. Here’s what each one was about and why I enjoyed it so much.

Air Royale

Returning from Chapter 1 Season 7 are the planes. They came in for the Christmas period last year and brought back the plane based mode Air Royale.

In this mode, players and a wing-man spawn in a plane while power ups drop from the sky, giving the plane a new set of projectiles. The wing man also gets an upgrade on his weapons.

Players can grab health and repair kit upgrades as well. The circle moves around the map while the storm lowers from the sky forcing players to fly closer and closer to the ground as time goes on.

If players happen to be ejected from their planes and touch the ground, they die. Once a team’s three planes are destroyed, they lose the match.

I love this mode and I love the planes in Fortnite. Why these things aren’t a permanent fixture is beyond me.

Air Royale

Tilted Taxi

Remember the game Crazy Taxi? Where everyone was in a rush to get to their destination for some reason?

Well, Titled Taxi is exactly that but with guns thrown into the mix. Players race against each other, picking up fares and taking them to their destinations in a short amount of time while achieving oddly specific goals.

Keep in mind, other players can shoot at you and destroy your taxi. But fear not, taxis are all over the map. This mode is chaos yet it isn’t a patch on the amount of mayhem to be caused in the next mode…


Rally Royale

I love this mode. It reminded me of The Amazing Race. Players, in teams of two, start at a starting line with the finish line all the way on the other end of the map. Simple enough right?

Not really… because the only way to unlock the finish line is to collect a certain number of golden tickets. Sounds easy enough right?

Well, those tickets are only found in supply drops that everyone can see on their maps. Throw guns and cars into the mix and you have a really crazy and fun mode.

My tactic was to have my friend race ahead towards the finish line, picking up tickets he comes across while I gun for those supply drops and clean up.

Only one member of each team has to cross the finish line to win the match. This mode required a lot of coordination and quick thinking. Needless to say, it has had me sweating as I tried to get those tickets before other players.

These modes add a lot of variety to Fortnite and I really think they are being wasted as being limited time modes.

It would be nice to just have them in the game permanently for a change of pace. But alas, one can’t always get what they want…