A New Era for Star Wars Games

Star Wars games have just been given new life with a change to EA’s Exclusivity deal.

For the last few years, Electronic Arts (EA) has had an exclusive license to the Star Wars franchise. Many fans feel like they failed to realise Star Wars’ full gaming potential.

Battlefront 1 was a lacklustre shooter that felt rushed. While Battlefront 2 started off  as one of the most controversial loot box scenarios in gaming history, it eventually became a decent shooter.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was met with a good reception and Star Wars Squadrons is pretty darn fun from what I have heard. There have been some mobile games too, but since 2014 the things EA has done with Star Wars can be summed up in one paragraph.

Fallen Order

The EA Exclusivity Blunder

Everyone raised their eyebrows when it was announced EA had an exclusive deal to the Star Wars franchise. Disney doesn’t seem to understand video games for some reason.

Having a property as big as Star Wars and then giving exclusivity to a single company made no sense. EA is only one company and can only do so much. For the better part of the last decade, Star Wars games have been stunted to say the least.

Finally, the powers that be at the House of Mouse realised this was a poor business decision and have opened up the door for other developers to do their own thing with Star Wars.

EA will still make Star Wars games, but other developers can get access to the property too. With this they have revived ‘Lucasfilm Games’ brand, which will be an umbrella brand for all Lucas-owned games made in partnership with other developers across the industry.

Star Wars bf 2

Ubisoft’s Open World Star Wars Game

One of these companies is Ubisoft. Finally, after decades of begging for it, an open world Star Wars game is in development by the team that made The Division.

And that is all we know about it. The game is still in its conceptual stages, so we will need to watch what happens.

Hey Indy!

But that’s not all, folks! News from Bethesda Games very own Machine Games (Wolfenstein) is busy working on an Indiana Jones game!

We also have no idea what this will be like but finally, an Indy game! I wonder if this will come onto Game Pass seeing as Bethesda and all their games fall under Microsoft now?