So, I Watched The Babysitter…

I watched this crazy movie and here are my two cents on it!

I like weird movies. And, I’ve seen some pretty weird movies in my day. From the original Evil Dead to the more familiar, The Cabin in The Woods. Something about dark comedies get to me, especially when they have a horror flare to them.

So, I couldn’t say no to watching The Babysitter. Though, despite my history with these kinds of films, I wasn’t fully prepared for this…

Babysitter scene

The Premise

The film follows a nerdy, socially awkward kid named Cole (played by Judah Lewis), who, despite being in his early teen years, still has a babysitter.

However, his babysitter is a really cool girl named Bee (played by Samara Weaving).

So, it isn’t all bad. Well, that’s until Cole decides to spy on his babysitter and her friends after bedtime and finds out they are part of a Satanic blood cult and they need his blood for a ritual. It gets crazy.

The Babysitter

It Really Gets Crazy

The Babysitter succeeds because it doesn’t take itself seriously. The cult in this movie are made up of a gang of misfits who all represent a horror stereotype and the characters are somewhat aware of this.

I particularly enjoyed Robbie Amells role as Max, the generic butch popular guy in highschool. You know, the athletic type from every horror film.

The film cleverly plays on these stereotypes, but reverses it by making the ‘killers’ fit the typical cast of horror victims you would find in Friday the 13th or most other campy horror slashers.

Basically An R18 Home Alone

What follows is well… yeah its Home Alone, but with guts and gore. Cole has to outwit this gang of killers, which results in the most outrageous, gruesome and funny death scenes I have seen.

The Babysitter is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to horror fans. If you want something a little light-hearted, but not necessarily light-handed, you can find it on Netflix.