So, I Watched The Babysitter: Killer Queen…

A look at the sequel to The Babysitter.

Exactly one day after watching and enjoying The Babysitter, I came across the sequel called The Babysitter: Killer Queen. (I wonder if the name is a low-key nod to the fact Queen’s song of the same name was used at the end of the last movie?)

Anyway, I really enjoyed the first one. So, I went into the second one with high hopes and I must say, although it was even weirder. I enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed the first. This is why…

Two Years Later

Firstly, I’d like to point out how shocked I was that the main actor, Judah Lewis aged so much in two years. I had to Google search the cast to make sure it was the same guy.

The first film dropped in 2017 and the sequel came out in 2020. I can’t believe he matured so quickly in such a short time. They grow up so fast. (Meanwhile, I am on the cusp of being twenty-seven and I still look sixteen. Alas, life is unfair.)

Anyway, I enjoyed Lewis’ acting more in this film and I’m keen to see his next choice in roles.

Life hasn’t been good to Cole since the last film as everyone thinks he is crazy and his best friend/crush Melanie (played by Emily Alyn Lind) is dating some jackass.

When they go on a trip to a local lake to party, things go terribly wrong (because of course they do).

Returning Faces

It appears that when one makes a deal with the devil, they can come back to life. So, the original killers from the first film have returned and are out for blood (again).

I can’t go too much into detail with this one due to major spoilers but what I can say is that it expanded on the previous film immensely. As far as sequels go, it really added to the first film as a whole.

The ending surprised me and I’m hoping this isn’t the last we see of these movies.