The Road to Valhalla: A Retrograde Look At Assassin’s Creed Unity: Dead Kings

A look back at Assassin’s Creed Unity: Dead Kings

Assassin’s Creed Unity fell on hard times due to the fallout from how buggy the game was. The fallout was so bad that Ubisoft opted to give the game’s DLC, Dead Kings, for free to all who owned the original game.

While playing through all of the Assassin’s Creed games this year, I decided to download Dead Kings and give it a try.

Although I found it short compared to other expansions from previous games, I found myself enjoying the tone and atmosphere.

The Setting

Set sometime after the events of the game, players follow Arno Dorian to the crumbling town of Saint-Denis. It is here where raiders are pillaging the lucrative tombs of dead kings only to uncover clues leading to a Piece of Eden.

Naturally, Arno is whisked into a battle to find the mythical relic before they do. The story was simple and supported by some decent side characters but it was the map that caught my attention.

Saint-Denis is about the size of a district of Paris, and a small one at that. I had completely explored the map within an hour. But despite it being so small, the atmosphere of this map really did it for me.

I was reminded at how dark and gloomy the city of Acre was in the first game where black smoke clouded the sky and dulled all colour. But this place looked straight out of a horror movie.

The dark sky and dirty town sent ideas swirling in the creative side of my brain. I really like uninviting gloomy environments in games and this map pulled it off quite well.

New Toys

While the add-on didn’t add all that much, it did add the catacombs with puzzles to solve and a lamp to keep bats and bugs from interfering with your climbing.

And, let’s not forget the guillotine rifle. This thing was a lot of fun to use and I’m glad it could be used in the main game too.

As far as DLCs go, Dead Kings wasn’t all that great, but it did add a bit of fun after the main game, even if it only lasted for a day or two. I’m glad it was given out for free.

Arno was an interesting character and I wish Ubisoft didn’t just abandon him like they did. Ubisoft as a habit of making likeable characters in their Assassin’s Creed games only to abandon them afterwards.

Ezio is still the only main character to get more than one game. Either way, I have fond memories with Unity. After all, that’s all I want from a video game.