Fortnite’s New Season Overview (Chapter 2 Season 5)

A look at the new Fortnite Season (Chapter 2 Season 5)!

The eve of a new season is to Fortnite fans what Christmas Eve is. With map changes and new characters—fans get excited to see what Fortnite will do next.

This time round they really pulled a bunch of bunnies of the hat. It seems like their best season so far. And not just because The Mandalorian is in it…


The theme this season is hunters. And it is implemented in gameplay as well as characters. There are NPCs all around the map. When spoken to, they will give out quests that players can do to earn gold.

Some characters want players to perform a bounty hunt which targets a random nearby player. It’s a lot of fun and makes for a more aggressive playstyle.

But remember, you can be a target too. The gold you earn is carried over between matches and can be used to buy items from the NPCs and mythic weapons.


Kratos, Masterchief, The Walking Dead, The Mandalorian and how can we forget about those Predator references?

The theme this season is hunters and Fortnite is pulling out all the stops. Every week there is someone new added to the game and it’s a lot of fun to see who is coming next.

There is even a leaked Green Arrow skin. This season has just amplified how cool and casual fun Fortnite is!

I’m enjoying this season immensely. I’ve already hit rank forty, which is unheard of for me this early in a season. I’m playing more frequently and I’m having a blast hunting down other players.

On one occasion, I managed to lure the player hunting me to get into a fight with my target. Then, I third-partied the winner. You still get gold if someone else takes out your target so it was a win-win for me.

It’s memorable moments like this that make me enjoy games and Fortnite is full of them this season.