Fortnite’s Marvel Event Was Crazy

A quick recap of Fortnite’s Marvel Event.

Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, even AC/DC. The Nexus War Event for the end of Fortnites amazing Marvel-themed season was insane.

It sent the game into a fandom merging platform that has made Fortnite a platform of its own though I have a feeling this is just the beginning. Here is a quick recap of the Marvel event.

The Devourer of Worlds

Galactus, The Devourer of Worlds came to the Fortnite map after an entire season of watching him inch closer and closer until he finally arrived.

Players watched in horror as the titan smashed the Shield Helicarrier they were standing on and helplessly fell through the sky. 

Galactus then devoured the Zero Point, which is the heart and power source of the island. It looked pretty grim… until…


The World’s Mightiest Heroes

While falling through the air, I was surprised to see Iron Man arrive and hand me a jetpack. This wasn’t the first time we have heard a character speak in the game, but it was quite a surprise.

Players watched as Galactus pulled the zero point and started devouring it. That was when the most insane thing in Fortnite history happened… we fought back…

Fortnite Marvel

Credit: Epic Games

Shoot to Thrill

What happened next had my jaw hanging open. Players were put in a first-person mode and stationed inside billions of Battlebuses.

With Iron Man’s guidance, we charged at Galactus, used the canons to shoot down his minions with the idea of getting close enough to trick him into eating all the buses so that their bombs can go off inside of him.

But the plan went south quickly and that was when Thor arrived to steer us into another direction. That was when I heard a smooth guitar rift and a familiar voice. “That’s AC/DC!” I yelled to my friend.

Yes, they got AC/DC. We then proceeded to a trench run-like on the rails shooter up Galactus’ arm until we finally got to his face and bailed as soon as he ate the buses.

He exploded, the day was saved but then we saw a clip of Jonesy, the blonde-haired protagonist of Fornite waking up in a crumbling office.

Then, the screen cut to black and the servers were shut down for a night before the new season kicked off… and what a season it is so far…