Fortnite’s Christmas Event

A look at the new Fortnite Christmas Event!

By now, Fortnite is known for its events. It is also known that between the months of October and January the community is treated to the most exciting time.

October’s Halloween event gets everyone in a spooky mood. Then, the Christmas event that gets players in the festive spirit. This year was no different with Operation Snowdown.

Though, I’ll admit; I am a bit disappointed this time round compared to Winterfest 2019.

What is the Operation Snowdown?

Well, it has started snowing in the southeastern corner of the map and we have been graced with the return of the Storm Wings, the infamous planes from Chapter 1 Season 7.

The planes have some tweaks. They now require fuel, which makes them way more balanced than before. I love the planes and hope they stay. The fact that they need fuel now destroys any argument that they are too overpowered.

The event has also brought special challenges to complete to earn special rewards, including two skins. Couple this with the Among Us-themed creative showcase called ‘The Spy Within’, you’re probably wondering why I mentioned I am a bit disappointed this year.

No Spirit

Last year, players could go into a cabin from the menu and could open a wrapped present per day and get their daily objective from a Christmas stocking.

This really put the ‘spirit’ of Christmas into the game. And I was excited to wake up every day and pick which presents to unwrap. The animations were clean and the whole thing just felt like it had a proper spirit of Christmas.

This year, this was let go and all we got is objectives that pop up under our quest log. The ‘spirit’ aspect is completely missing. Even with all the Christmas decorations it still doesn’t feel as much like Christmas as last year’s event did.

Either way, Fortnite is a lot of fun and this season is really good. While the Christmas event lacks the soul of last year’s, it is still worth doing the objectives and earning those sweet rewards.